Pet Sitting In Your Home And Mine

Pet Sitting: I arrive at your home at the appointed time and enter with the code and key. Always mindful of 'Door Dashers'. I greet the pets. 
Allowing the pups out to yard for wee or we go for brief walk. Felines are greeted for pets, pats. and play.(if so inclined.) Fresh food and water is served in fresh clean bowls. Medication and treats are served if on the agenda. Clean up of yard and boxes. Photos of your pets and texts are sent to you while I am at your home.(if so desired) I hear often from my clients that the Peace of Mind is Priceless. I Check notes for any last minute changes om first visit. I am not a hit and run Sitter. When the pets are relaxed and ready to 'chill' till the next visit is when I exit. I can check mail n bring in packages as well as alternate blinds and adjust lighting.       
New Clients in my area are on special price of $25. for thirty minutes up to three pets.
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